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The Retirement Dream Foundation is built on the premise that a lot information conveyed to pre-retirees is for the purpose of "selling something."  In and of itself, this is not bad, if that "something" is truly necessary.  A problem arises when what is commonly assumed to be true and accurate is not.    (Photos are not actual depictions)

Executive Director

Bob is a 33-year veteran of general, retirement and college-specific financial and Benefits planning who volunteers at the Retirement Dream Foundation, including hosting workshops at area schools, churches and companies as well as online webcasts.  Bob founded the RDF in 2005. From his start as a 21 year-old financial advisor, Bob has had numerous financial planning accomplishments: 

  • Merrill Lynch Leadership Development Program, Executives Club and Presidents Club;

  • Prudential-Bache Securities (now Wells Fargo) Earned Quantum Portfolio Manager status; Won the "Drive for Excellence" asset-gathering contest;

  • AXA Equitable Original Regional VP for first "living benefit" ever;

  • New York Life Invented the Investment Protection Plan (IPP) living benefit for the Mainstay variable annuity;

  • Education Funding Solutions CEO of college financial planning firm and inventor of edCelerator college interest cost reduction system

Current focus is maximizing retirement and legacy funds while minimizing risk and pre/in-retirement expenditures.


Client Care

Barbara is a reliable, well-organized Client Care Manager who handles day-to-day operations with a focus on efficiency and time management. She is responsible for intra-office virtual communication protocols, streamlining administrative procedures and she doesn’t mind wearing multiple hats.  


Janice's past experience on the founding team of a market research firm serves her well in her mission of comparing and testing various financial solutions for The RDF.  A firm believer in "simple is better," Janice continually seeks ways to provide pre-retirees and retirees with simple solutions to improve their lives.  It was Janice who found our simple Certificate of Deposit alternative, the "Super CD" that has been providing parents and grandparents the combined benefit of riskless, excellent growth as well as family protection. Janice has volunteered at The RDF since 2010.


Current focus is saving retirees money on "inevitable spending."

Tech Support

Mike handles phone and webinar support requests and can walk customers through the process of achieving their goal with our systems and ensures that our contact with our stakeholders and constituents is efficient.  

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