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Federal Employee Benefits

Federal and Postal employees often find it difficult to navigate the complex and changing federal benefit landscape.  Without a true Human Resources function to guide them, workers are left to make decisions about retirement and benefits that can dramatically affect their future income and security.  Many workers work difficult jobs for 30+ years only to find out, too late, that they need to get another job to make ends meet.  We are committed to helping workers understand and maximize their benefits today so they have a secure and comfortable retirement tomorrow.

Our Federal Employee Benefits Project is operated by respected veterans of employee benefits and retirement planning and led by a volunteer with over 35 years benefit/retirement planning expertise.  We can help you make decisions Today that optimize your Tomorrow.

Use the Review Request Form available HERE to schedule a free, no obligation in-person Benefits Review meeting that includes our Workbook of Federal Benefits or, if you prefer, select the other option and schedule a free, no obligation video conference Benefits Review meeting.  


While every Federal and Postal worker has the identical Benefit offerings, there are many combinations of benefits each worker can select.  And no two worker have identical retirement dreams, family situations and goals.  We understand this and craft recommendations to fit your individual lifestyle and preferences.  


If you're like 87% of the workers with whom we meet and who have completed surveys, you'll know a lot more about your benefits and how to optimize them after our Review than you did before it! 

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