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Young woman with grandmother

GrandGift helps grandparents maximize the legacy they leave to their grandchildren by maximizing their current assets' rate of return and magnifying what they leave behind.  Please visit the micro-site HERE.

Mother and a Child
Federal Benefits Planning

Federal Benefits Planning helps federal employees understand and navigate the complex and changing federal benefits and retirement options, including pension income forecasting and maximization, TSP income protection, take-home pay increases and tax-free retirement income options. Because the federal government does not offer a true Human Resources Department, volunteers with retirementDreams help fill this important need.  Go HERE.

Three generations of women
Memorial Planning

Memorial Planning is a project that helps people understand the ways to minimize the cost - financial and emotional - of their Final Arrangements.  Planning in advance saves thousands of dollars over waiting until there's a loss and it also ensures that your memorialization / life celebration goes exactly as you'd like.  Our team is working on providing an online capability to the entire pre-arrangement process.  Please visit the micro-site HERE.

Marketing team meeting

fafsaRx is The Retirement Dream Foundation's first project, centered upon helping parents understand the ways to maximize financial aid and/or minimize the after-aid cost of financing college.  Please visit the micro-site HERE.*

* Note: We currently cannot update the fafsaRx website but we are in the process of redesigning it.

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